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He Made An Unsafe Lane Change And Struck My Car

UNSAFE LANE CHANGE COLLISION CASE ANALYSIS FACTS OF THE CASE: Plaintiff was driving his SUV westbound on a road in the number two lane. Defendant was driving her Saturn SUV behind Plaintiff’s vehicle and in the number three lane. Defendant was approaching another car in the number three lane when Defendant swerved into the number two lane trying to avoid the car in the number three lane.
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A Car Hit Me When I was Walking. What Is My Remedy?

PEDESTRIAN COLLISION CASE ANALYSIS FACTS OF THE CASE: Plaintiff was walking south on a street at the time of the incident. Defendant was facing eastbound in a private parking lot when she drove her vehicle through the parking lot wall and struck Plaintiff who was walking on the public sidewalk. The impact knocked Plaintiff to the ground. Plaintiff suffered injuries as a result of being knocked down by the car.
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He Made An Unsafe Left-Turn Which Resulted In The Collision

UNSAFE LEFT-TURN CASE ANALYSIS FACTS OF THE CASE: Plaintiff was driving his Honda pickup truck eastbound . Plaintiff was travelling at approximately 25 to 30 miles per hour. Plaintiff proceeded through a green light at an intersection and was struck by a Volvo driven by Defendant as Defendant was westbound and making a left turn . Defendant was making an unsafe left turn since she did not yield to traffic and was in violation of California Vehicle Code §21801(a).
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“I Was Hit When I Was Skateboarding”

SKATE BOARDING ACCIDENT FACTS OF THE CASE: Plaintiff was walking his dog while skateboarding in his girlfriend’s apartment parking lot. Defendant was in his SUV vehicle along with his wife when Defendant suddenly accelerated backwards and the vehicle’s right rear corner struck Plaintiff. Plaintiff’s ankle got caught between the right rear tire and the ground. He was dragged approximately seven or eight feet backwards and then two or three feet forward until his ankle was released from the grip of the tire. The impact of the vehicle and the subsequent dragging caused injury to plaintiff’s neck, back, shoulder, knee, and ankle. Defendant also had injuries to his fingernails which were caused when he attempted to grab on to the brake light of the vehicle so he would not be entirely run over by the car’s tires.
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Filing An Emotional Distress Lawsuit

Have you ever been emotionally damaged by the actions of another person? If a person can cause such emotional damages, then it is more than probable that this person is an acquaintance or even a relative. Such cases of emotional distress are actually crimes that can be sued in a court of law.

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The Definition Of Assault Explained

Before going in for claims or court cases related to criminal injury or assault, you should have an idea of what exactly is Assault. To be more precise, the legal definition of assault should be known by you if you are to take the help of law in your advantage. So what exactly is that definition?
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Know More About Loss Of Consortium Laws

We have all heard of the term ‘loss of consortium’, but a very few know its meaning. So, what is the loss of consortium definition? Different types of laws prevail in different states regarding loss of consortium. Most of these states permit the husband and wife in personal injury cases to reimburse for the harms caused by the loss of consortium. Loss of consortium enables the spouse of the injured partner to take up a case in opposition to the defendants stating the loss occurred during the personal injury event.
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Definition Of Assault

In legal terms, assault and battery are two widely different forms of offense. They are both punishable acts under the law, but the level of punishment that a judge gives in these cases differ slightly. It is therefore important to know the legal definition of assault if you are interested in learning about legal terms.

Assault definition

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Responsibilities Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer specializes in tort law and provides legal assistance to a person who suffers injuries due to the actions of another person. In this article, we will discuss about the duties of a personal injury attorney. Various personal injury cases
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