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Filing An Emotional Distress Lawsuit

Have you ever been emotionally damaged by the actions of another person? If a person can cause such emotional damages, then it is more than probable that this person is an acquaintance or even a relative. Such cases of emotional … Continue reading

APTOPIX Connecticut School Shooting

Emotional Distress Due To Auto Accident

People, who get into auto accidents, usually have to deal with emotional distress along with the physical injuries they suffer. If the latter are minor, then they would heal soon enough, but any emotional damages incurred from the accident would … Continue reading


Lawsuits For Emotional Distress

Thanks to court shows and network dramas, many people have come to know about various legal terms that otherwise would have forever remained outside their grasp. Emotional distress lawsuit is one such term, which is likely to have received wide … Continue reading


Suing For Emotional Damages

Lawsuits that are aimed at obtaining damages have now become a common occurrence in many cases. Emotional damages, wrongful termination damages, etc are some of the damages that regularly come up in court cases. If you are the accused in … Continue reading


Do You Really Need To Pay Taxes For Compensations?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is the agency responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement, will charge you a decent amount as taxes on your compensatory damages. Taxes on lawsuits will vary depending on what kind of damages … Continue reading


Filing An Emotional Distress Lawsuit Against Your Employer

The laws for filing a lawsuit against your corporate employer vary from state to state. In general, every state has provisions for suing your employer’s corporation on grounds of emotional distress. However, before filing an emotional distress lawsuit, you will … Continue reading


Classifying Lawsuits That Are Based On Emotional Distress

One may think after coming to know about the concept of the emotional distress lawsuit, that it is the easiest way to milk someone for money in the name of emotional distress damages. Well, if you fall into that minority, … Continue reading


Some Info On Dog-Bite Lawsuits

Dog-bite lawsuits are increasingly in number nowadays. This can be attributed to a much higher awareness among the general public, regarding the actions that they can take against a dog owner, who has been negligent in his duties towards taking … Continue reading


Information Regarding Taxable Lawsuit Settlements

John had been wrongfully terminated from his position as Assistant General Manager from a reputed retail store. Ten months later, he was working another job, this time as the General Manager of the sales division of another multinational company, and … Continue reading


Settling Taxes After A Personal Injury Settlement

Oftentimes, people who receive money as damages after the settlement of a case in court, are unaware of it being taxable. As such, these people have to deal with the revenue services department. These situations can be avoided if you … Continue reading