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Category: Legal definition of assault


The Definition Of Assault Explained

Before going in for claims or court cases related to criminal injury or assault, you should have an idea of what exactly is Assault. To be more precise, the legal definition of assault should be known by you if you … Continue reading


Definition Of Assault

In legal terms, assault and battery are two widely different forms of offense. They are both punishable acts under the law, but the level of punishment that a judge gives in these cases differ slightly. It is therefore important to … Continue reading


A Short Note On Different Degrees Of Assault

Classifying assault into different degrees helps the court to decide the seriousness of the assault crime committed, which will help in awarding the right punishment to the defendant. There are four different types of assault, and the details regarding each … Continue reading


A Look At Assault As A Crime

A lot many people are known to confuse assault and battery. Assault generally means the intentional act of causing fear of immediate harm imparted through contact, in another person. The major condition that has to be satisfied for establishing assault … Continue reading


Understanding Assault Charges

Assault is one of the most common criminal charges. According to the legal definition of assault, an assault is threatening an individual or arousing fear in another to think that he or she will face bodily harm or alternatively, it … Continue reading


Legal Aspects Of Simple Assault

The general public very often confuses assault with battery. The simplest way to distinguish between the two would be using intent and action. According to the legal definition of assault, an individual can be charged with allegations of assault if … Continue reading


Assault Laws In California

Assault of any kind is considered illegal in California unless committed for the purpose of self defense. The penalties for assault vary depending on the degree of assault. Penalties include imprisonment, fines or in severe cases, both. In California, any … Continue reading