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Category: Loss of consortium definition


Know More About Loss Of Consortium Laws

We have all heard of the term ‘loss of consortium’, but a very few know its meaning. So, what is the loss of consortium definition? Different types of laws prevail in different states regarding loss of consortium. Most of these … Continue reading


Personal Injury Laws Explained

Cases of personal injury are one of the most common today and there are numerous laws to protect you for the same. However, before you avail the services of a personal injury lawyer, it would be best if you have … Continue reading


Loss Of Consortium Explained

According to the loss of consortium definition, it is a legal principle that entitles an individual to receive monetary compensation for the damages that he had to suffer for being deprived of a normal family relationship as a result of … Continue reading


Different Settlements In An Auto Accident Case

In personal injury auto accident cases, the plaintiff in question can file for various settlements including general damages, loss of consortium, lost wages, property damages, special damages and the like. General damages and loss of consortium damages are the compensation … Continue reading


Legal Aspects Of Loss Of Consortium

Loss of consortium is a legal principle that awards monetary compensation for the damages that an individual had to suffer because of family member being injured or for being deprived of a normal family relationship. By damages, we refer to … Continue reading


Loss Of Consortium Explained

John and Susan had been leading a peaceful and healthy life until that fateful Friday afternoon. It was on this day that Susan got hit by a motorcycle while she was crossing the road, to her house. She suffered some … Continue reading


What Is Loss Of Consortium?

According to the loss of consortium definition, if a person is married or in a civil union when the accident occurred, then his/her spouse is entitled to receive compensation for losses such as loss of companionship, comfort and services due … Continue reading