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When Can I File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death claim can be filed in numerous situations like medical malpractice, automobile accidents, construction injuries, reaction to prescriptions or other over the counter drugs, product liability and even attack by family pets. In such situations, if the death … Continue reading

Swimming Pool Safety - Insurance Tips

Swimming Pool Insurance

If you were to go for a swim, the swimming pool is the first place that would come to your mind. It gives you cool along with the option to spend some time with yourself. This is something that a … Continue reading


Various Aspects Of A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The term wrongful death means causing the death of an individual as a result of willful or negligent action by another person. When a person dies due to the wrongful conduct of another person, the decedent’s heirs or other beneficiaries … Continue reading


A Short Note On Statute Of Limitations For Wrongful Deaths

A Statute of limitation is a rule that sets the maximum time period that can pass after an event has taken place, within which legal actions based on that event can be taken. A wrongful death lawsuit is filed in … Continue reading


Legal Aspects Of A Wrongful Death

If negligence or misconduct on the part of an individual or a company led to the death of an individual or group of individuals, then it can be considered as an instance of wrongful death. Usually, wrongful deaths can happen … Continue reading


Minnesota State Laws For Wrongful Death

The death of an individual can be due to many reasons. When we analyze the mortality rate statistics, a vast majority of the people die of old age. Death due to aging can be categorized as natural death. Death can … Continue reading


Various Aspects Of A Wrongful Death

Any death that occurs as a result of misconduct or negligence on the part of another person, company or entity can be termed as a wrongful death. Basically, if an individual’s negligence is directly or indirectly responsible for another person’s … Continue reading


Laws For Workplace Deaths In Florida

If a worker in Florida dies on the job, then the family of the deceased employee can sue for wrongful death if they believe that the death was due to negligence on the part of the employer. If they can … Continue reading


Different Types Of Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is defined as one where the defendant is directly responsible for the death of the victim or one in which negligence of any manner on the part of the defendant led to the death of the victim. … Continue reading


Court Process In Filing Lawsuit For Wrongful Death

When you file a lawsuit for wrongful death, ensure that the case is fit to be filed for wrongful death claim in the first place. This means that the death must have been caused by negligence but without intention to … Continue reading